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Since 1995 The L. C. Whitford Co., Inc. (LCW) Georgia Division has been performing work in the Southeastern United States. Among LCW's list of clients is the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, Georgia Department of Transportation, City of Atlanta, MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), Norfolk Southern Railway Company, Oglethorpe Power Corporation, South Carolina Department of Transportation, and many other local governments and businesses. The majority of construction has consisted of bridge rehabilitation projects. As a general contractor, however, LCW has also constructed many different types of roadway, commercial, and park projects.

Most of our roadway and bridge projects are "fast track", meaning that the operations must be completed in a very short amount of time in order to minimize the traffic flow disruption. On highway projects typically the work must be completed during weekend hours only. On railroad projects this might mean only a few hours of work time before the next train arrives; it could also mean working a major holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas in order to satisfy our client. LCW specializes in this type of work and prides itself as a contractor who can safely deliver top quality craftsmanship while under demanding time constraints.

The LCW Georgia Division is located approximately 30 miles North of Atlanta in the town of Alpharetta. It is here where LCW acquired 9 acres of property and built its new operating facilities in 2001. Although Alpharetta, Georgia is home to the company, LCW travels to construct projects throughout the Southeast.